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Dan Snyder Buys Out Minority Owners Stake of the Washington Football Team

Dan Snyder is now the sole owner of the Washington Football team.


It's been a rough two decades for the Washington Football Team, from the revolving door of QBs to the overall lack of winning, things haven't been easy for the squad in DC. Not to mention the cancellation of their name. Many point their finger at Daniel Snyder as the root of the problem. It's hard not to blame Snyder for all their issues when they have been in the dumps since he bought the team.

It seems like Washington is finally turning the corner. Ron Rivera came in and established culture. They have one of the best defenses in football and won the NFC East last year (don't look at the record). Even their simple and bland team name has grown on me. With all this positive juju, many fans were hoping Snyder finally sells the team after the team was under a sexual harassment investigation. Instead, Snyder went ahead and bought out the minority owner's 40.5% stake of the team.

Snyder now owns the WHOLE team.

This could mean a few things. One, maybe Snyder is buying the remaining stake so he can cash out on a bigger payday when he sells the team. Or, he sees the direction of the team and can't help himself and wants more pieces of the pie. 24 of 32 teams need to approve of the move to make it official.

Interestingly, the NFL is helping finance this move. What do they know that we don't? Regardless, I'm sure fans in the DMV area are pissed about this. Take one step forward and a bunch of steps back. Hopefully, Snyder can just watch the team from afar and let Rivera do his thing. Hope and pray this is the first step to Snyder selling the team to Jeff Bezos.

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