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Chris Carson Hates His Fantasy Owners

Chris Carson is not happy about fans DM'ing him about fantasy football.


Ahhh, a tale old as time. NFL players arguing with fantasy owners.

Chris Carson has been out the past two weeks with a foot injury. As expected, his fantasy owners are upset about something he can't control.

First off, bold to give out your address to a random fan. I'm not sure if that's the address to his house or the Seahawks' facility. Regardless, a savage move to tell him to pull up.

As fans, we're all keyboard warriors. We love to hide behind our screens and throw grenades at athletes. Most of the time they don't answer. When they do answer, I'm assuming this is what most fans look like.

Giphy Images

If I were a player in the NFL, I'd embrace the fantasy football community. Sure all the analysts look like they've never kissed a girl, but it's a big part of the NFL. If the fantasy football community is happy with you, it means you're balling out.

Hopefully the fan is a man of his word and shows up at Carson's house. Who knows, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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