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Breaking Down the Best Coaching Vacancies in the NFL

One decision can change an organization forever. Looking into the best coaching vacancies in the NFL.


Black Monday. A day where teams call the moving trucks for fired head coaches and GMs as they pivot to the future.

This year, we have seven vacancies looking to be filled. More can come, but as of now, the Jags, Jets, Chargers, Lions, Texans, and Falcons are looking for a new leader to right the ship.

The Texans might be the most unattractive coaching vacancy I have ever seen. Yes, they have a star QB in Deshaun Watson, but the rest of the team is decimated. Not having a pick in the first two rounds is brutal. Especially because they would've picked in the top three. It could be a long, dark, rebuild in Houston. This is a shame because Deshaun Watson is one of the best players in the league.

My favorite vacancy is the Los Angeles Chargers. They have a young star at the QB position like the Texans in Justin Herbert. I like their playmakers led by Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Austin Ekler, and Hunter Henry. They also have some nice pieces on the defensive side like Joey Bosa and hopefully a healthy Derwin James. There's enough where a good head coach can come in and turn them around immediately in my opinion, unlike the Texans. They also have the sweetest uniforms in the NFL, so that's a bonus point.

The other two vacancies I love are the Jets and Jags. I give the Jets a slight edge because I think Joe Douglas has a chance to become one of the better GMs in the league. Another reason why I like the Jets over the Jags is that this statement made by owner Shad Khan made me a little uneasy.

I'm sure there was more to this quote, but still a little alarming when the owner wants to control the roster. Trevor Lawrence is super attractive, along with another first-round pick. Again, knowing how Shad Khan has run things in Jacksonville since he took over worries me a little.

The Jets have a lot of decisions this offseason. We're going to see some major changes to this team. That's why I love the Jets vacancy. It's a blank canvas. The new coach will be able to construct his team how he wants to. They're loaded on draft capital and have a ton of flexibility with their cap space, just like the Jags. The biggest question going into the offseason is what they do with Sam Darnold. The belief around the league is the Jets will move on from him and probably select Justin Fields or Zach Wilson with the second pick. Either way, there's no wrong decision here. I think a change of scenery will be good for Darnold. If Douglas or the new head coach likes what they see in him, that's fine too. Using the second pick to trade back and fill more holes is also an attractive option. It was a season from hell for Jets fans, but I think they're trending in the right direction.

I don't know why, but I love the coaching carousel. It's going to be funny to see a fanbase lose their mind when a coach like Jason Garrett gets hired.