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Bill de Blasio is making people angry because of his pizza toppings ranking

What else is new? People are upset with something Bill de Blasio said.


I think Bill de Blasio wakes up every morning with one thing in mind. How can he anger the people on the internet today? Well, he did a fine job yesterday when he ranked his pizza toppings.

Olives in the top three?! Gross. Ranking pepperoni fifth is absolutely outrageous. GREEN PEPPERS as your number one topping!!! How does he not have one meat in the top three?

He did his job triggering everyone across the country. He also poured a ton of gasoline for the pineapple on pizza crowd by crossing the name completely off the board. I totally agree with him on that one. You are a disgusting human being that shouldn't be allowed to eat pizza if you like pineapple on it. Just leave pineapples for cool novelty drinks.

With the NYC mayor race coming up soon, I think deBlasio is just soaking it all in before he leaves office. He has about a year left until he leaves as probably the most hated mayor of all time. It's absolutely crazy the people of New York elected this guy for two terms.

I can't lie. I'm going to miss his goofy ass doing something stupid at these briefings. Maybe one day I'll compile the collection of all-time Bill de Blasio moments.

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