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Beat the Odds With Dick Todd: NFL Week 15

Don't make blind bets. Beat the odds with Dick's picks for week 15 of the NFL season.

Dick Todd
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49ers vs. Cowboys

The 49ers are a weird football team. They have been forced to play a few of their home games in Arizona this year due to Covid. With Covid and all of their injuries this year, the 49ers have had a tough break this season. With that said, they should beat the Cowboys in this one. The Cowboys have the worst run defense in football, and the 49ers have a plethora of running backs with Wilson and Mostert leading the way for this game. Their team may be plagued with injuries and a virus, but they still have a better team than the Cowboys.

SF: -3.5

Patriots vs. Dolphins

I love Cam Newton. I would love to pull a Stephen A. Smith and boast my friendship to the world about Cam and I but I can't because Cam doesn't know who the hell I am. Cam visiting that sick young Auburn fan in the hospital was one of the warmest human embraces I've ever seen and it makes any person with a soul want to root for the guy. Unfortunately, Cam has not been the same player this year that he once was with the Panthers. I don't know if the struggle has anything to do with him coming back from Covid this year, but regardless, he doesn't look like the guy he once was. The Patriots couldn't do anything with their passing game against an excellent Rams defense last week and it won't get any easier with the Dolphins and their defense.

MIA: -2

Chiefs vs. Saints

I know this game can go either way, but are you really going to bet against Mahomes with such a low spread? Brees is playing for the first time in weeks. Are we going to bank on Brees coming out with no rust or discomfort from his injury? I'm going to take my chances on Patrick Mahomes, the man with the perfect life.

KC: -2.5