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A trailer for the new Batman film has finally been released, an absolute must watch


The day I've been waiting for has finally arrived. Robert Pattinson’s “The Batman” teaser trailer dropped just this week. The trailer is top-notch, revealing the tone of the movie without any spoilers. The movie seems to be dark and gritty; more in tune with the Joker instead of Aquaman (pukes). The idea of another Batman reboot with Robert Pattinson as the lead has been met with apprehension, and I can't blame those who feel this way. DC recently gave us the most pitiful on-screen Batman to date. Previous Batman actor (and for some reason current as well) Ben Affleck gave us a limp, uninspired portrayal of America's favorite superhero. It also didn't help that he was following up Christian Bale, who not only starred in the best Batman movie but one of the greatest movies of all time. It makes sense to be nervous that DC will fuck up another movie, but I promise you this one will be different. Probably.

I’ve always believed that the DC universe should've had a darker tone than the Marvel universe. Instead, they went for rushed and cheesy, with a healthy dose of drawn-out plotlines. The universe has been disastrous, to say the least. I didn't even realize they released Justice League in 2017 until 2 months ago. If I had to describe the DC cinematic universe in one word, that word would be PATHETIC. However, they did also release a standalone Joker movie which was incredible. The difference between Joker and the rest of the series is that it has deep themes and interesting characters. Now I didn't go to film school but I feel like that is something any good movie should have. And it certainly seems to be the way the new Batman movie is going.

The Batman takes place in year two of this vigilantes career. This is a good move because it's similar to an origin story yet doesn't repeat the same boring bullshit we all know. The movie seems to focus more on the investigative aspect of Batman's work, which will work wonders on an audience that has grown accustomed to CGI fight scenes mixed in with the occasional dull quip. What I’m trying to say is that this movie is unique, which shouldn't be a quality one has to actively search for, but I suppose we can thank Disney for that.

The movie is slated for a late 2021 release date. I pray that I can sit down in a theater munching on popcorn saturated in liquid butter while watching a young energetic Batman beat the living shit out of criminals. Until then we have to hope the government dislodges the thumb from their ass and decides to take a global pandemic seriously.