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Azealia Banks Digs up and Boils Pet Cat on Instagram Live

I'd rather have a dinner date with a pile of dirt.


It’s no secret that fame changes people. Guys move to LA and start painting their nails, girls move to LA and start aging in reverse Benjamin Button style. Addiction is normal, cults are way too public, and egos inflate to proportions many thought impossible. Despite the fact that fame typically chews you up and spits you out, many people still romanticize it. Sometimes it takes a true moron to scratch away the gild and show us what lies underneath. Luckily for all of us, Azealia Banks has volunteered as the “true moron” tribute for this month.

Now if you don’t know who Ms. Banks is, don't feel bad, neither did I. Upon a quick google search I discovered she's a low tier rapper, somehow less talented than Chanel West Coast to give you an idea of what we are dealing with here. If you’re wondering how someone can stay relevant with no talent, I advise you to look at Azealia’s “Controversy” tab on Wikipedia, it's nearly the same length as her “Career” tab. I’ll spare you the details of her previous controversies, instead just imagine two brain cells rubbing together in an attempt to generate money.


The reason she has finally made national headlines is because of her most recent controversy. She dug up her recently deceased cat from her backyard, threw it in a pot, boiled it, and live streamed it on Instagram. Yes, she disgraced the body of her dead pet for thousands online. Yes, she defended her actions during and after. At one point in the video, she uses her wooden spoon to reveal her cat's skull, plucking it from the boiling brown broth.


Apparently she believes animal sacrifices will get her ahead in life, as there is evidence she at one time sacrificed chickens in her closet. People like this never last long. One can just hope she either gets too cocky and goes to jail, or she's bankrupt by December. The fact that this woman has more money than 99% of Americans is horrifying. This is either the beginning of a manic episode or she is releasing a new album soon, search her name in a week and all answers will be revealed. Until then, enjoy as the public drags her name through the mud until they forget she exists, again.