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Apple Released Their Coolest New Product in Years

The colorful iMacs have returned.

Shawn Craymen

Every year Apple introduces something that’s more or less what we expect. Something fast, a fancy screen, some new feature we don’t use, great. There is one thing Apple fans have been waiting to make a return for years and it’s finally here. Colorful iMacs are back!

Apple in the early 2000s was in an interesting spot, they weren’t the market leader they are today, but they had a loyal following of people that wanted a well designed computer that was easy to use. What they did have in the early 2000s was an iconic design that you see on Instagram mood boards to this day. I’m talking about these colorful Macs. I’m talking about these.

I know people like the “clean” and “simple” shades of metal that Apple has been putting out for over a decade, but this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Apple’s accounting for the full spectrum of the rainbow and adding life to their lineup. Space Grey is cool and all but pink? Yellow? Purple?! Count me in.

Aesthetics aside, the new iMac is pretty cool. It has a 24-inch 4.5k Retina display meaning YouTube looks incredible. It has the new M1 chip so it’s fast, quiet, and it has the most up-to-date ports for fast data transfer. It’s the most cutting edge all-in one desktop computer you can buy today. Is it worth it to upgrade to this if your current iMac is treating you well? From a pure performance perspective, no. But not all purchases can be boiled down to a return on investment and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t mind seeing some yellow on my desk. If only they added some color to the MacBook lineup.