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Amazon will pay someone from Bills Mafia $1,200 to jump through a table

If you have experience jumping through tables at Bills tailgates, you have a chance to be on the next Amazon commercial.


Amazon has been making some big moves when it comes to the NFL. It was recently announced that they are closing in on Al Michaels to be their play-by-play guy for Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime.

Amazon is now looking for the best table jumpers Buffalo has to offer for their new commercial.

After all these years of putting their bodies on the line for no reason at all, Amazon is finally going to reward one lucky Bills Mafia member. If you're a Bills fan that doesn't jump through tables like Jeff Hardy in a TLC match, there are other roles Amazon is casting as well.

The rate for people in featured speaking roles is $550 for 12 hours. Those roles are described as:
-Two boat fans. You must be 30 to 50 years old and able to be "calm, relaxed while enjoying the boat, can display a genuine reaction of disbelief or excitement when seeing a play on TV."
-Face paint fan. You must be 50 to 70 years old, and are expected to be "enthusiastic, energetic, and genuine."
-Superfan. You must be at least 18 years old, a diehard Bills fan, and willing to wear face paint.
-Young football fan. You must be 10 to 22 years old and be able to portray someone no older than 16 years old. This is a "dream big" role.


It's time for Bills fans to get the body ready. What kind of jump is Amazon looking for? Are they looking for guys jumping off trucks? Do they want someone to jump through a table that's lit on fire? There are different ways to jump through a table if you've ever seen a Bills Mafia tailgate.

What a time to be a Bills fan.

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