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AFC West shakeup, rookie QB woes, and more. Our takeaways from week three

Our takeaways from week three of the NFL season.


Week three is almost in the books, with Eagles vs. Cowboys closing it out on Monday Night Football. What a weird week it was. We had a record-setting game-winning field goal, Super Bowl contenders losing again, and a preview of what could be the NFC Championship game this year.

Let's get into our five takeaways from week three of the NFL season.


Well, well, well... look what we have here.

After three weeks of play, the Kansas City Chiefs are in last place in the AFC West. Is it time for the Chiefs to blow it up? Fire Andy Reid? Trade Patrick Mahomes? I'm kidding, of course. But it seems like the Chiefs' path to the playoffs is going to be harder than many believed.

The Broncos have only played winless teams, but they look like they can sneak into the playoffs as a wild card team. Jon Gruden's Raiders are looking good early again. Can they maintain their good play for the rest of the season or are we going to see another second-half collapse?

Then we have the Chargers, who took down Mahomes and the Chiefs in Arrowhead. The Chiefs made a ton of mistakes that cost them that game. The question is, are the Chargers good enough to beat the Chiefs once it's December and January?

The Chiefs are still going to coast into the playoffs, but the AFC West is much more competitive than we thought. Are the Broncos, Raiders, or Chargers going to take down Kansas City for the division? Probably not, but it's going to be fun to watch Kansas City get challenged.


A terrible week for the rookie QBs.

Zach Wilson had another game with multiple interceptions. Shocker. Let's move on to the other QBs.

Chicago fans finally got what they've been waiting for their whole lives. A franchise QB that's going to lead them to Super Bowls. No more mediocre QBs in Chicago!!!

To be fair to Fields, he was put in a position to fail. The entire Chicago offensive line needs to buy steak dinners for Fields. Fields was running for his life and had an astonishing .78 seconds to throw per attempt. Myles Garrett feasted with 4.5 sacks on the day. If I were the Bears, would I want to put Fields out behind that offensive line again? Can they sacrifice Nick Foles back there? On the bright side for Bears fans, I guess you know Fields can take a hit.

All the other rookie QBs didn't play well. The only highlight from them was Trey Lance had a nice touchdown run. There have been five rookie QBs to start a game and they are now a combined 1-10.


I'll never forget watching Get Up, and them talking about the Bucs going 18-0 after beating the Cowboys on opening night. After three weeks, the Bucs perfect season is over.

This game was not about the Bucs losing. It was all about the Rams. They looked like they belonged with the best on both sides of the ball. SoFi Stadium is also becoming the spot to be for celebrities.

Matthew Stafford has looked great in LA. This is what Sean McVay wanted all along. Someone who can make all the throws, while doing some things that are out of the box. If Stafford keeps playing like this, he will have the MVP locked up by November.

This matchup is probably my pick for the NFC Championship game. I think the Bucs and the Rams are the two most well-rounded teams in not only the NFC but all of the NFL. Hopefully, we get to see part two in the playoffs.


My god, Justin Tucker. 66 yards for the win?! That sets an NFL record for the longest field goal ever made.

At this point, Lions fans are numb to losses like this. They don't deserve this. If that was the Lions kicking a 66-yard field goal for the win, it would've bounced off the crossbar and been no good. The NFL is truly the cruelest place in the world for some people.


Eli Manning and Calvin Johnson both got honored by their respective team at halftime. John Mara, who owns the Giants, and Shelia Ford, the owner of the Lions both got booed by their respective fan bases.

I don't blame either fanbase for booing. Both teams are lousy and continue to spiral downwards. These owners couldn't care less about the fans, as long as they keep making money from sales and television deals.

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