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Adam Silver can Finally Fix the Start Date for the NBA

Can Adam Silver finally fix the opening tip once and for all?

Stephen A. Bayless

Ever since football returned, every other sport took a back seat.

The group chat between me and my friends has been dominated by asinine football takes. It appears that no one cares about what's going on in Orlando with the NBA playoffs.

Am I surprised about this? Not really. At the end of the day, we're dumb Americans that fiend for contact and eye-popping plays along with arguing who has a better fantasy football team. I'm sure the rest of the country is the same way considering the lack of NBA coverage since the NFL started.

I've always thought the NBA starting in late October was the dumbest thing in sports. No one ever cares about the start of basketball because opening tip is during the heart of the NFL season.

In my opinion, the best time to start the NBA season is Christmas day. After hearing Silver's plan, I think January is even better. Yes, I understand that Christmas day games are awesome but I'm willing to sacrifice it to get the NBA playoffs in the summer when there's only baseball.

After reading about the plans to start the NBA season, why can't they open up the Monday after the Super Bowl? There won't be any competition for ratings and it lessens the blow of one of the worst days of the year.

Also, Adam, stop trying to compete with the NFL.

This game came down to a crazy buzzer-beater and no one watched it because people would rather watch Cam Newton dab.

I understand the NBA is consumed differently but it's hard to compete against the king. Roger Goodell must be thrilled that people would rather watch meaningless football over playoff basketball or hockey.

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