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Aaron Rodgers dropped some bombs in his first press conference back

Aaron Rodgers broke his silence, talking to the media for the first time this season.


Aaron Rodgers spoke to the media for the first time since he requested a trade this offseason. Boy, did he let it rip on how he really feels. This is probably the most honest press conference I have seen from an athlete.

Rodgers talked about his displeasure with how the organization treated some of his ex-teammates, how he wanted to be more involved in decision-making in free agency, and more.

Let's start with his explanation of why this all happened in the offseason. To sum things up, Rodgers felt like he should be treated more than just another player on the team. Fair request considering he's been the face of the franchise for a decade-plus. He wanted the team to at least get his opinion on some of the decisions they made in the past. For example, Rodgers wanted to keep Jake Kumerow on the roster, but the Packers got rid of him. Out of all the great players he's played with, Jake freaking Kumerow was the final straw?

He also discussed how he wanted to be part of the recruiting process for free agents. Stating that Green Bay isn't exactly a vacation spot, and players are coming to play with him. Unnecessary ricochet shot at the city of Green Bay.

He also mentioned how this was never about the money. He wanted a commitment from Green Bay to work together as a partnership. For that reason, he's not sure if he's going to be back next year. He states that he loves his teammates, coaches, and fans. Even though he loves playing for Green Bay, he stated that he's not sure what's going to happen next year.

Lastly, he did admit he considered retirement. I'm sure when he was chilling in Hawaii with his famous friends, he saw the lifestyle they lived. I mean, would you rather be throwing the football in sub-zero temperatures or doing this?

The vibe I got from this press conference is he's going to play out this season and move on after that. Now that I said that, Green Bay will probably win the Super Bowl and Rodgers will play in Green Bay for another five years.

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