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5 Takeaways from Week 5 of the NFL Season

5 BIG takeaways from week 5 of the NFL.


We've definitely seen better weeks, but as I've always said, we can't complain about COVID football. Cherish it because it can all go away in one snap of a finger. Let's get into my week 5 takeaways.


Man, what a terrible injury, and of course it happens to a guy that deserves a fat contract.

I'm not going to post the injury on here because I don't want everyone puking all over their screens. If you really want to see it, just Google it. Anyways, that sucks for Prescott. He was balling out, and it seemed like he was forcing Jerry Jones' hand to give him a long term deal. Playing under the franchise tag, who knows what's going to happen.

According to Pro Football Doc, it appears we don't have another Alex Smith type injury.

Stephen Jones came out today saying Dak is part of the future for the Cowboys. Let's see if his dad agrees when it comes to negotiating a new contract as he has taken shots at Dak already this season.

Also, when Tony Romo said "you almost gotta hope it's a cramp" after Dak's ankle was dangling off his leg is an all-time call.


I can't figure out the Raiders as a football team. Are they good? Are they bad?

Let's put them in the good category for now. Gruden had the offense buzzing, putting up a 40 burger on a Chiefs defense that has looked good this season. Also, is Derek Carr, dare I say..... elite? Alright, I'll put that to rest before all of you tell me I'm overreacting. To be fair though, he did have his best game as a pro in my opinion.

Enough with jerking off Derek Carr. I'm sorry Raiders fans. I love you guys but I need to bring you back to reality. We all know what's going to happen in the next few weeks. Carr is gonna look like... well Derek Carr again. I want to believe in the Raiders so bad. I just need to see a few more wins so I can officially put them in the GOOD category.


Every time I watch DK play, I can't get over how big and fast he is. If there's anyone that's going to be the "next" Calvin Johnson, it's him. It was no different when he and Russ carved the Vikings defense to score the go-ahead TD on Sunday Night.

When Russ throws a deep ball to DK, you know he's coming down with it.

After having a record-shattering day at the combine, why did teams overthink his ability to be a complete receiver? I understand he still has areas that need to be developed but the dude is a physical specimen. Don't give me the bullshit excuse about his 3 cone drill either.....

Based on this photo and his 4.3 40 yard dash, I would've gone full-blown Al Davis mode and picked him with my first-round pick.

I'm excited to watch him destroy these little shrimp corners for a long time.


Every time I watch Alex Smith play, I wince. We all saw what happened to him during his recovery. The dude almost lost his god damn leg. I'm honestly terrified that his leg might snap if someone blows on it.

When Kyle Allen went down and Smith came in, it was one of the most inspiring things I've ever seen. Just an absolute warrior that wasn't going to have an injury dictate the end of his career.

The best part of all this? His family in the crowd cheering him on.

Who knows what's going to happen with the rest of his career. We all know that he's one tough motherfucker though.


Earlier in the week, we saw Bill O'Brien fired. Immediately after the Falcons got their dicks kicked in by the Panthers, Dan Quinn along with GM Thomas Dimitroff were fired.

It's crazy how bad the Super Bowl loss broke Dan Quinn's brain. It appeared the Falcons were set to be good for a while but they were never the same after blowing the infamous 28-3 lead. Also, Dimitroff looks like a fucking asshole. From the sunglasses to the hair, he gives off the parent that tries to fit in with your fraternity at homecoming weekend vibes.

The Falcons and Texans are getting a head start on their organizational reset while the Jets still employ Adam Gase...

What's the hold up at this point? It looks like Gase doesn't even want to be there anymore. Like I mentioned in previous blogs, he definitely has blackmail on the Johnson's. We'll see if next week's blowout loss will finally put Gase in the can.

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