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5 Takeaways from Week 3 of the NFL Season

Massive takeaways from Week 3.


With Week 3 of the season closing out with a bang tonight with Chiefs vs. Ravens, we already got QB changes and coaches hot seat getting piping hot. Anarchy? No, it's just the NFL.


The Jets and Giants appear to play a different sport than what the rest of the league is playing. After coming off a last-second loss to the Bears in Week 2, the Giants looked outmatched against a JV 49ers squad. The Jets were out of the game in the first drive again after Sam Darnold threw a pick-6.

There's no question that the worst football teams reside in New York (technically Jersey before all the trolls jump on my back) as both teams are talentless and have a long road to a rebuild. If the Jets lose to the Broncos on Thursday night, Gase is most likely gone. With Judge being in his first year he obviously has a longer leash but he needs to start winning games before Giants fans start sticking for-sale signs in front of his yard.


I couldn't believe the Eagles vs Bengals game was still going on when it popped up on Redzone well into the 4 pm games.

For a guy that's known to be fearless and have a massive pair of gold casted testicles, it was gross to see them not go for a field goal. Even with the false start that pushed them back, I figured a guy like Pederson despises ties and will go for a win no matter what. Instead, he was content with the tie and figured it was better than a potential loss if the kicker missed the field goal.

Pederson and the Eagles are lucky there are no fans in the stadium. I'm sure Eagles fans are ready to burn the city to the ground if the team loses to a battered 49ers squad next week.


Super Bowl MVP, Big Dick Nick is back and buried the Falcons to a 0-3 record.

With a 16 point deficit in the 4th quarter, Matt Nagy decided to bench Trubisky and went with the veteran. Foles threw for 3 4th quarter touchdowns to lead the Bears to another victory but more importantly, the Falcons blew another lead in the 4th quarter.

I actually feel bad for Dan Quinn. The Super Bowl collapse broke him as a coach. The Falcons are nowhere near the team that went to the Super Bowl. Usually, teams build off a Super Bowl loss but the only habit the Falcons took away from that loss was blowing a massive fucking lead in the 4th quarter. I expect Gase to get fired before Quinn but his seat is piping hot right now.

Going back to the Bears QB situation, it seems like the Trubisky era in Chicago is over. We'll see if a team takes a chance on him this offseason but trading up for Trubisky when Mahomes and Watson were still on the board is going to go down as the worst draft-day decision in NFL history.


Leon Lett, Desean Jackson, and now DK Metcalf.

DK joined this exclusive club when an for-sure touchdown got stripped at the 1 yard line because he didn't finish the play.

I'm sure this screwed over a bunch of fantasy owners that needed the extra points to secure the win. I don't have much to say other than it's funny to see players get cocky only to get fucked over because they thought the play was over. Always remember to play until the end of the whistle!


Last year we all called the Packers a fraud 13-3. This year though? They're one of the best teams in football. With no Davante Adams, Rodgers does what he does best and make his irrelevant skill players look like first round talents.

One of the main storylines of the offseason was the Packers did nothing to help Rodgers. Well, it appears the Packers were never interested in helping Rodgers.

I apologize but this graphic is outdated. After his touchdown pass to Mercedes Lewis, that number is now a whopping TWO touchdowns. Did you guys know Lewis is only 36? I honestly thought he was part of the original expansion team in Jacksonville with how long he's played.

With the way Russ is playing, I think it's going to be hard for anyone to push him for MVP. Rodgers has the fire in stomach and it appears he's ready to prove the whole league that he's still a baaaaaaaaaaaaaad man.

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