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5 Takeaways From Week 13 of the NFL Season

Takeaways from Week 13.


Due to the scheduling changes, I decided to delay my takeaways this week.

Week 13 was awesome. So many eye-opening moments as the playoff picture is slowly coming together. The last few weeks of any NFL season are always hectic. Many teams are surging into the playoffs while others are flopping out of it like a fish out of water. I can hardly contain my excitement, so let's get right to it.


Coming into this week, it looked like the NFC East was going to get swept.

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How did the Giants go into Seattle with a backup QB and pull out a win? There's no way Pittsburgh loses at home to Washington right? Well, this is the beauty of the NFL.

Let's start with the Giants. It was probably one of the most impressive wins we've seen this year. To go into Seattle with Colt McCoy coming in for Daniel Jones seemed like an impossible task. It's almost like the Little Giants taking down the big, bad, Pee-Wee Cowboys. Hats off to Joe Judge and his staff for coming up with a gameplan to completely neutralize Russell Wilson and their god-like receivers.

This Giants defense is legit. Patrick Graham has solidified himself to become one of the best defensive coaches in the league. Also, I thought every player on the Giants hated Joe Judge because he made them run laps in training camp. Well, that's what the media told me at least. Judge has established a culture and the Giants look like the Giants again. With Brian Flores excelling in Miami, maybe this new wave of Belichick coaches is the move.

Although Colt McCoy did what he had to do, I'm sure every Giants fan is praying Daniel Jones will be good to go next week. Luckily for Giants fans, Jones is expected to return on Sunday against the Cardinals. The Giants are in full control of this division thanks to Ron Rivera going for two in week six.

Speaking of Ron Rivera, it brings me to the next team from the NFC BEAST.

A super impressive win going into Pittsburgh to take down the 11-0 Steelers. I feel like every fan in the NFL knew the Steelers were going to go down, but not to the Washington Football Team. The Steelers have played a lot of teams close this year and it was only a matter of time until they lost.

Still, Washington being down 14, it seemed like Pittsburgh was going to slowly strangle them to a win. I talked about that Giants defense being legit, so is Washington's. It seems like they're following the 49ers' path of drafting a defensive lineman in the first round of every draft until they're good. Just like we gave Judge and his staff credit, Rivera and his staff deserve it too. Especially after what Rivera had to go through at the beginning of the season.

Also, how about Alex Smith. I can't lie, I got a little nervous for him when blood started to drip down his ankle in the middle of the game...

Luckily it wasn't the leg he got 17 surgeries on.

If you ask any team in the NFC, I'm sure everyone is avoiding that five seed right now.


Although it was the worst play call in NFL history, this moment is going to go down as an all time great in Jets history.

A cover-zero blitz for the tank!

In basketball, you live and die by the three. In football, you live and die by the blitz.

At this point as a Jets player, when do you stop showing up to the facility? If I were them, I'd just show up to game day, get my ass kicked, and collect my check. There's no point to even try anymore. The coaches put the players in positions to fail. For the sake of their careers, the NFL might have to let the Jets forfeit every game. Plus, it'll help with COVID!

Luckily for the Jets defense, Gregg Williams got fired yesterday morning in what might be his last job.

We all know that bounty gate was bad, but his coaching career after might be worse. How does this guy keep on getting a job? Not only was he part of one winless team, but two! That blitz call was the final nail in the Gregg Williams experience. Complete asshole, but entertaining as hell to watch on Hard Knocks.

If the Jets keep the first overall pick, Gregg Williams might go down as a legend in New York Jets history.


Typing out those words definitely felt weird, but I have to give the Brownies credit. They looked unstoppable against the Titans.

Now, I'm not ready to put them on the upper echelon of teams. They're in the tier right below the Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints. Baker was throwing the ball all around the field and the defense was able to stop Derrick Henry.

The Browns were able to benefit from an easy schedule. Still impressive what Kevin Stefanski has done with this team. A deadly run game paired with a good defense is a recipe for success in the playoffs.

I still don't trust Baker, but if they can continue to pound the ball on the ground they might surprise teams in the playoffs.


Giphy Images

Live look at the boys up in Foxborough.

What an absolute beat down the Patriots put on the Chargers. The most impressive part about a 45-0 win is Cam Newton had under 100 yards passing.

When we talk about mismatches in the NFL, Bill Belichick vs. Anthony Lynn might be the biggest mismatch we've ever seen. Belichick dominated Lynn on all three phases of the ball. Dominated is putting it kindly too.

What Belichick has done this season is why he's the greatest coach of all time in any sport. His ability to make adjustments are truly remarkable. It's almost like he has a controller playing Madden with his players.

The Patriots now sit at 6-6, firmly in the hunt for a wild card spot. I'll tell you this now, every team will have piss dribbling down their legs when they see this man in January.

Getty Images


Well, we saw this coming. Carson Wentz is officially a broken man. Can't get anything going, as he cemented himself as the worst starting QB in the NFL.

Jalen Hurts came in and put together a nice little comeback attempt, even though we all knew it wasn't going to happen. Now what?

Pederson said he hasn't decided on who was going to start next week against the Saints. Whenever a coach says that it usually leads to a QB change. I fully expect Jalen Hurts to start the rest of the season while Carson gets his head right.

The Eagles put themselves in a horrific situation. On one hand they have a
QB that's tied up with a lot of money, but on the other hand, they drafted a QB with a high draft pick. How did the city of Philadelphia let Howie Roseman do such a thing?

Regardless, it's Jalen Hurts time and the people at PFF are back at it again.

This is why PFF should be banned from the NFL.

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