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49ers Find a New Home

The season from hell continues for the Niners.


We've seen this already with the teams from Toronto. With the COVID situation getting worse, Santa Clara (where the 49ers play and practice) told the 49ers to find a new home for the rest of the season.

The county is putting a temporary ban on all contact sports for high school, collegiate, and professionally. They also stated anyone who comes back to the county outside of a 150-mile radius must quarantine for 14 days.

The season from hell continues for the Niners. From losing every good player on the team to having to play in a divisional rival's stadium, I'm sure everyone in this organization is over this season.

Since it's a temporary ban, we'll see what happens if the Niners make the playoffs. For now, they'll be calling Arizona home. If I were the Cardinals, I'd be brainstorming ideas to mess with the Niners. The 49ers are coming off a big win against the Rams and are very much alive in the playoff race. With the Cardinals trending downwards, maybe a "prank" or two could prove to be helpful.

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