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17 Game Schedule in the NFL 'Highly Likely'

Peter King reports 17 game schedule is highly likely.


Embrace football fans. In his Football Morning In America column, Peter King reports that a 17 game NFL schedule is highly likely in 2021.

"The 17-game schedule is highly likely in 2021. No surprise there. TV partners and NFL schedulers are working under the assumption that the 17-game schedule (the way was paved for it last March when players approved a new CBA) will debut in 2021" -Peter King, NBC Sports

This is awesome for the fans. If I were a player, I wouldn't be so thrilled. Although if a 17th game is added to the schedule, it could possibly mean bigger paychecks for the players.

Peter King also reports that a Monday Night Wild Card game is a 50/50 shot, along with two Christmas Day games after the Saints vs. Vikings game was a huge success in the ratings. For me, Christmas is always a day for basketball. If we add the NFL with NBA games, there's no chance I leave the couch on Christmas Day.

So with the 17th game reportedly on its way, let's check out the schedule.

The two games that immediately jump out at me are Green Bay vs. Kansas City and Tampa Bay vs. Indy. Other intriguing games are The Rams at Baltimore, Washington vs. Buffalo, and Arizona at Cleveland.

This is a win for the fans and the owners. Fans get more football and owners get more $$$ in the bank account. Let's hope the players get properly compensated for putting their bodies on the line for one more week of football.