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Walker Buehler Loves to Show off his Tight Ass Pants

Don't ask Walker Buehler about his pants after a loss.


I was too busy watching the Monday Night game last night but I couldn't keep my eyes off one trend on Twitter.

Now if I know anything about girls, they love baseball for this specific reason. Here's Buehler taking the bump for Game 1 of the NLCS showing off his phat donk.

The Dodgers lost after a Braves rally in the 9th inning, Buehler was asked about his pants and he was not happy.

Michael the journalist instantly shriveled up into a cocoon after got shot down. To be honest, I am curious why he likes his pants so tight. It's ok to admit you want to show off what you worked for.

Not only did they ask the man himself, they asked Braves pitcher Max Fried about it too.

I love Fried's reaction. Why the hell would you ask him about another man's pants preference? I guess when everything in media is fake news, you need to ask harder pressing questions.

Lastly, Mark Melancon casually catching this homer is one of the slickest things I've ever seen from a reliever.

It's always talked about how relief pitchers are the most unathletic players on the baseball team. Melancon did a good job reminding people that relief pitchers are cool athletes too.

We'll see if the Dodgers blow another season with a loaded roster. Luckily for them, the Braves are known to be successful losers in the past. Should be a good one.

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