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UFC on ESPN+ 38 Picks

Bets for a stacked card headlined by two exciting top 5 featherweights.

Shawn Craymen

The week before the long anticipated Khabib vs Gaethje card we have another long anticipated fight. Ortega vs Jung has kept us waiting for over a year and are finally throwing down this weekend. This is a stacked card so I brought along my friend Alex to give his thoughts on the fights today. We've been getting into arguments over UFC takes for about a decade now so let's see how this goes.

Brian Ortega vs Chan Sung Jung

Shawn: This is a long anticipated fight that has been made and canceled multiple times. It had fans clamoring but it’s finally here. This is Ortega’s first fight in 22 months since Max Holloway used him as a punching bag and set the record for most strikes landed in a title fight. For that, I see why Ortega is such a big underdog; I also see why we’re banking on this fight. Brian Ortega has the ability to win at any given moment. All of his fights prior to losing to Holloway were emphatic finishes. Chan Sung Jung is a far better striker. If Ortega hasn’t improved in that area he’s in for a long night, but Ortega always finds a way to win. I’m taking him this fight. Ortega - +185

Alex: I agree, Ortega attacks from all angles and if Jung gets sloppy he will get knocked out or submitted. Look at the fight with Swanson. He attacked Swanson with a choke from the feet when Swanson got a little sloppy. He was the first ever to finish Edgar and did it with a sneaky elbow. He’s winning this. Ortega - +185

Jessica Andrade vs Kaitlan Chookagian

Shawn: Andrade has too much power. Too much for Chookagian. I see this being a very easy win for Andrade. Andrade - -150

Alex: Yup, couldn’t agree more. She had power at 115, had power at 135, and at 125 she’ll be carrying a lot of power. Easy win for Jessica Andrade.

Andrade - -150

Jimmy Crute vs Modestas Bukauskas

Shawn: This is a fight between two burgeoning light heavyweights and it’s pretty interesting from an odds perspective. Two big guys with one punch KO power. Jimmy Crute is a huge favorite which works in my favor. He’s a big striker with a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, finishes his opponents, and lives in a van with his dog to stay focused (I’m not joking). He’s too aggressive though. Bukauskas is just as hard a hitter, is far more measured, and will make Crute pay. +265? Come to papa. Bukauskas - +265

Alex: Crute is aggressive, too aggressive, and it’ll work against him. Bukauskas hits hard and has decent striking. He’s going to finish him. Bukauskas - +265

James Krause vs Claudio Silva

Shawn: James Krause is always a very safe bet. He won 6 of his last 7 fights by having a measured approach to fighting. Claudio Silva isn’t a dangerous fighter and won’t punish Krause in any way. He’s just too good to lose. Krause - -140

Alex: I can’t disagree, Krause’s fight IQ is high. Plus he’s a proficient BJJ specialist. He will keep his distance and pick Silva apart for a clean decision. Krause - -140

Thomas Almeida vs Jonathan Martinez

Shawn: This is a fight I’m looking forward to. Thomas Almeida was a hot prospect a few years ago after an unforgettable flying knee against Brad Pickett at UFC 189. He’s fallen on some hard times losing three of his last four but he’s an incredible striker and will get a big statement win. Almeida - -135

Alex: People might bet against Almeida because he’s coming off a long layoff but he’s still a young and dangerous fighter. Do not sleep on him; he'll open your eyes this weekend. I’m taking Almeida. Almeida - -135