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UFC Fight Night: Smith vs Rakic Parlay

Shawn Craymen

Okay, it’s been a rough streak. After the UFC 252 debacle and one of my fights just, not happening, I can understand why you’d be reluctant to trust me again but fuck it, this week we’re back baby.

1. Ricardo Lamas vs Bill Algeo

Ricardo Lamas, former perennial top 10 fighter who went 5 rounds with the GOAT Aldo is old but not shot. Bill Algeo is… Underwhelming! The promotional newcomer has a distinct lack of finishes in the mediocre regional circuit and doesn’t posses any physical or stylistic qualities to frustrate the great Lamas. I mean the worst fighter Lamas lost to is probably Bektic who some consider a top prospect or Josh Emmett who arguably should be in the top 5. Easy submission win for Lamas in my opinion.

Lamas - -260

2. Neil Magny vs Robbie Lawler

After not fighting in 2019 Neil Magny has been pretty busy this year fighting for the third time in the past 6 months. The long and rangy fighter should give the former champ trouble as he’s spent the last 11 rounds of his career either bobbing and weaving and not punching or getting choked out by Ben Askren (his body went limp, deal with it). On paper Magny should win but I think Ruthless Robbie is going to do what he does best, swang and bang. 3 round Rob doesn’t have to conserve his energy and should be all action all night. I expect Robbie to remind us why he’s a legend in this game.

Lawler - +210

3. Alexander Rakic vs Anthony Smith

This is a tough one to call. When we expect Smith to lose he wins (Gustafsson) when we expect him to win he gets his teeth knocked out (Texeira) I see Anthony Smith getting knocked out by the super heavy handed Rakic. I’m starting to think Anthony Smith is very mediocre and just fought the right names at the right times to be able to challenge for the title a couple years ago. Rakic is just a big strong man who separates people from their consciousness, I don’t see Smith being skilled or dynamic enough to overcome Rakic. Expect a Rakic TKO and inserting himself into the title conversation

Rakic - -275