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Tony Allen Calls Out Draymond Green After Claiming He's the Best Defensive Player in NBA History

After claiming he's the best defender ever, Draymond Green got into it with Tony Allen on Twitter.

Stephen A. Bayless

Things got heated on Twitter after Draymond Green claimed he was the best defensive player in NBA history.

It's a wild claim. Draymond is a very good defender, but the best ever? I feel like whenever Draymond opens his mouth, everyone gets mad. I guess people have a sour taste in their mouths from when he played the villain role during the Warriors dynasty. He's loud, obnoxious, and gets under the player's skin during games. He's the typical pesky, hard-working, effort guy no one wants to play against in a pickup game.

It wasn't just fans that jumped on his back after making the claim. Former player Tony Allen had his own opinions.

Of course Draymond had to clap back because that's what Draymond does.

Me personally, I have no problem with Draymond thinking he's the best defender of all time. Delusional? Yes. We see this all the time. Athletes are super confident about their abilities because of their accomplishments. I appreciate the nice little back and forth between Allen and Green. Of course, Tony Allen took some offense being one of the best perimeter defenders of his generation.

I'm curious what Draymond does next to trigger NBA Twitter.

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