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The Oakland A's minor league players show off their disgusting food

People are comparing the food minor leaguers are fed to the Fyre Fest.


We all know minor league players don't live the luxurious life we think pro athletes live. They get paid nothing, stay at crappy motels, and travel across the country in a bus. Apparently, they also get fed like they are zoo animals.

My god. Is that even edible? That "chicken taco" looks like someone wiped their ass on the tortilla and put a few peppers on it. Also, is that coleslaw or puke? Don't get me started on that sandwich. Who the hell feeds someone a cheese, lettuce, and tomato sandwich? Looks like something someone from PETA would eat for dinner.

A lot of people were comparing this to Fyre Fest. It does look like the food they gave out. The only difference is this is being fed to professional athletes. Not spoiled young adults who got scammed by Ja Rule and some Chad from NYC. Don't you want to feed the players in your organization good food so they can perform at a high level?

The way minor league baseball players get treated has been a long-standing debate. MLB organizations have cut a lot of minor league teams because of money issues. Organizations pinch pennies to operate. I know they're not on the actual MLB team, but you need to treat your employees with some respect. Kudos to the players who grind it out to live their dream.

Who knows if minor league players are ever treated like human beings. I can see MLB clubs cutting more and more minor league teams to save money. At the end of the day, it's all about how much $$$ you bring in.

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