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The NBA Finals start today and no one seems to care. Here's why you should

Our reasons why Phoenix vs. Milwaukee will be a fun series to watch.

Stephen A. Bayless

I'm still getting used to watching basketball past the 4th of July. It's weird seeing the playoffs go this deep into the summer, but I'm not one to complain to watch more basketball.

The NBA Finals start today, and no one seems to really care for it. I'm seeing more people talk about Aaron Rodgers' mental health than some big storylines coming into the Finals. Is Chris Paul finally going to get his ring? Is Giannis going to play? Can Khris Middleton bring his game to another level if Giannis can't play? All those questions make for what should be a fun, competitive NBA Finals.

Bucks vs. Suns don't bring out the excitement on the national level. If you're a basketball fan, you know this is a fun matchup. If Giannis was fully healthy, I think this series easily goes 7. With no Giannis, my gut tells me Suns in six. Although, I want Suns in four so the prophecy gets fulfilled.

With all the questions about Giannis' health, it seems like Bucks management is optimistic we'll see him play.

Can Milwaukee steal a game down in Phoenix? It comes down to if Khris Middelton and Jrue Holiday can do enough to steal a game. If they get some big contributions from guys like Brook Lopez and Bobby Portis as we saw in the conference finals, I can definitely see the Bucks take one of two. That sets them up perfectly to hopefully get Giannis back for the rest of the series, even if he's not 100%. If the Bucks don't win it this year, boy oh boy did they blow their chance. Even with Giannis' injury, it seems like this is the best chance the Bucks have to win a championship.

On the other side, you have the veteran that's looking for the one thing that missing in his illustrious career. Can CP3 finally get over the hump? We saw the playoff failures in LA. He ran into a buzzsaw that was the Golden State Warriors in Houston. He now has a golden opportunity to get his ring. Everything is set up perfectly for the Suns to win it all. With Giannis' injury, I love the Suns in six. The Suns have a deep roster, and although they have some bumps and bruises of their own, I LOVE Phoenix. Gimme the trio of Booker, CP3, and Ayton to win it all.

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