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The NBA All-Star Game is ON

Every league in the world canceled their All-Star game... except for the NBA.

Stephen A. Bayless

The NBA usually makes the correct decision, but they messed up on this one. With games getting postponed left and right, it's probably not safe for your biggest stars to fly into Atlanta to play a meaningless game. Besides, no one cares about the game. All we care about is who was selected so we can complain about who got snubbed or is undeserving.

This just shows Adam Silver isn't any different from any other commissioner. If this was Goodell or Manfred, pitchforks would be out and everyone would be ready to terrorize their stupid decision. At the end of the day, it's all about the money and the NBA has lost a lot of it during the pandemic.

If you look around every league in the world, they all canceled their respective All-Star game. Why risk LeBron and Giannis getting COVID? If I were a top five-player, I'd probably sit out. There's no point in playing this game in the first place, might as well get a few days off.

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