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The MLB Continues To Be Incompetent

MLB decides to have awards show during the biggest election of our generation.


For the past decade or so, the MLB has slowly become an irrelevant league. With the NBA becoming a dominant force on social media, the MLB is still trying to market themselves to the old white male. Guys that look like this:

So to anyone wondering about the Gold Glove awards, they were announced last night! They had a big award show on MLB Network announcing all 18 winners. Why not compete with the biggest election of our generation right? Every TV executive decided to work around the election while the MLB seemingly forgot about the big day.

At the end of the day, the MLB could've put the award show on a random Tuesday and no one would've cared about it. I'm a baseball fan who couldn't care less if some random infielder from the Rangers won. What's concerning is the lack of awareness from the MLB. How come an executive didn't step in to reschedule this? It's literally the biggest night in our country. Even your diehard fans don't care to watch it over the election.

It's frustrating to see how the MLB fails to market their game. When I was growing up, Derek Jeter, Manny Ramirez, and Alex Rodriguez were some of the most recognizable faces in sports. I don't think you could get a 10-year-old to point out Mike Trout in a crowd. A guy that's supposedly the greatest player of all time. The only thing I know about this guy is that his hobby is meteorology.

Yes, the best way to promote the face of the league is through the Weather Channel...

It's just unfortunate that the game's best player is also the most boring person of all time. I guess that's pretty fitting considering it's a boring game for most people.

They're so many players that are absolutely electric. Instead of pumping all their focus on marketing Aaron Judge (a guy that plays about 70 games a year), why not invest more into Mookie Betts, Javier Baez, and Fernando Tatis Jr? The MLB has the opportunity to capitalize on an abundance of talented young stars. I don't have much hope with the current regime that they will make it happen.

I'm assuming the next thing the MLB has planned is to have Opening Day on the same day as the Super Bowl. They need to figure out a way to market their game soon before every old dude in America dies.

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