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The Five Types of Fantasy Teams: Mid-Season Edition

What category does your team fall into? If you drafted Saquon first overall, you're probably either 2 or 5.


With Week 7 ending last night, fantasy football is officially more than halfway through the season. This is my favorite time of the year because everyone’s team has settled in, and we all know where we stand. Aspirations have been shattered, busts can no longer be defended, and what was once waiver wire garbage is now a viable starting player. Being in an extremely competitive league, teams start to fall into categories based on how the season has gone thus far.

1. Proving the Haters Wrong

ESPN, FFPros, and the annoying group members' algorithm all placed this team dead last in the league. The RBs were mocked with petty insults, such as claiming they are in an RBBC, or calling out perceived fumbling issues. For one reason or another, everyone on this team was doubted. But here we are. The team is now firmly in the playoff picture, and what was once mocked has been revealed as one of the most masterful drafts in your league. You all doubted this team, and the owner refuses to let you forget it.

2. Injuries Galore

This one sucks because at one point or another you've been in this position. Regardless of the caliber of your team, you were never given a fair shot. Whether it’s knees, hamstrings, or toes, this team cannot catch a break. From day-to-day to IR, nothing breaks the right way. You can tell what type of franchise this is by checking how many moves they’ve made. Winners will be playing the wire. Losers will call it all bullshit and put the fantasy chat on mute.

3. The One Man Show

Every single year there’s that one team that is carried to wins by a single player. Typically the team doesn’t put up many points to begin with, but they are able to eke out a low scoring win week after week. Scroll through your league right now and find who "The One Man Show" is. Their team will consist of garbage you wouldn’t even keep on your bench and one player who keeps them relevant. This year most of these teams are run by James Robinson. The first person to hit the waivers after the Jags released their depth charts was rewarded by a PPR producing RB. The James Robinson owner will most likely hype him up relentlessly due to the fact their team has nothing else of value. This team lives and dies by its best player, and more likely than not, won’t win the championship.

4. The Mediocre Team

This category is the most prevalent throughout Fantasy leagues. A grab-bag of decent picks, injured players, busts, and waiver wire gems has created this 3-4/4-3 Frankenstein. The team doesn’t have the highest points for, nor does it have the best talent, but it's still in the hunt. They will be a fringe playoff team, probably snatching the 5th or 6th seed. It's not the most impressive, however once you are in the playoffs it’s anyone’s game, so there are certainly worse spots to be in.

5. The Longshot

The bottom of the barrel. This team has two wins or less. The owner is mentally fatigued and it shows in their erratic group chat messages. Constantly switching between “I never cared anyway” and “ I’ll play spoiler from here on out” you can tell this league has taken a toll on their sanity. The reason this is “The Longshot” and not “The Scrub” is because you know how much this owner cares about fantasy football. Someone has to be bottom rung, but it sucks to see a good group member fall to the bottom. They constantly hype up whatever trash they scavenge from the waiver wire each week. Their team probably has MT, Kenyan Drake, Saquon, or Leonard Fournette dragging them down. No matter how pathetic their team is, you love to see that the little guy still has some fire in him.