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Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC?

Texas and Oklahoma are looking to move into the SEC.


Uhhhh what? Texas and Oklahoma are trying to leave the Big 12 to join the SEC?!

It was reported that Texas and Oklahoma reached out to the SEC about forming a 16-team super conference. After Texas complained to the Big 12 about opponents using the horns down symbol, they decided to team up with their arch-rivals to pack up and leave for the world's best football conference.

Brett McMurphy, who's like the Woj of college football, said there's definitely interest from both sides but this will take some time.

The Big 12 holds the rights for Texas and Oklahoma up until 2025. They will need 11 of the 14 SEC schools to approve the move.

If this goes down, my god.... it will definitely be the biggest college sports realignment in my lifetime. When I think of the Big 12, I instantly think about Texas and Oklahoma. The two biggest brands in the Big 12 are going to move into the SEC. This might be the beginning of the power five era. No conference would be able to compete with them. The amount of money the SEC would make in football alone is insane.

Oklahoma won't have to wait for the College Football Playoffs to get wrecked by Alabama. They'll just get their ass kicked in the regular season. For Texas, they thought getting disappointed in the Big 12 was hard. Wait until you're playing Bama, Georgia, and Florida three straight weeks.

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