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Steph Curry and Under Armour Release New Brand

Under Armour gives Steph Curry the keys to their kingdom.


Steph Curry and Under Armour recently announced they'll be releasing a new brand to compete with Nike and Jordan.

Incredibly bold of Under Armour trying to go toe-to-toe with the king of sports lifestyle brands. Especially since these were the kind of shoes Steph and Under Armour were releasing.

As long as I have lived, Under Armour has made terrible shoes. I don't know if it's the logo, but none of their shoes ever wowed me. They all look like you could find them in the clearance aisle at Payless.

I highly doubt Steph's brand will ever take over Jordan's, but I do like the logo.

It's creative and represents who Steph is. Steph made the three-ball look cool in the NBA, like how Jordan's high flying abilities made him an icon around the world.

So is this going to work? For me, it's like a smaller tech company releasing a new phone to compete with the iPhone. It seems like an impossible task considering everyone on the planet has one.

Then again, people thought MJ was crazy for taking a shoe deal with a small company called Nike and, look how that turned out. Just shows we don't know shit.

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