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Some Tips Before the First Round of March Madness Begins

A few tips before March Madness officially kicks off.


After a long two-year hiatus, we're finally here. Tomorrow marks the beginning of basketball heaven. The best postseason tournament in the world kicks off tomorrow at 12:15 when Florida and Virginia Tech start it off.

I guess it technically starts tonight when the first four determines who will join the rest of the field. Here are some tips for the best possible viewing experience. It's a long two days, so make sure you have everything planned and ready to go.


I usually recommend having no less than three screens. There's going to be a game that tips off every 30 mins, so you need to make sure you have enough screens ready to go. In normal circumstances, bars are a great place to go for March Madness. With COVID and everything, it's probably best for you to stay home.

Having multiple screens set up doesn't have to look immaculate like this.

Have one big TV in the middle and try to grab other TVs to surround it. If you don't have other TVs to put around it, laptops and iPads are great solutions to have. Also, if you're going to your buddy's house to watch, offer to bring a TV. It's a pain in the ass to disconnect everything, but I promise you the viewing experience is going to go up 10,000%.


This is very important. If you plan on streaming all the games off the March Madness app, you can go ahead and skip this part. If you're a dinosaur like me and still have cable, knowing your channels is crucial.

Since there are so many games, CBS likes to spread them across their sister networks. The channels to know are CBS, CBS Sports, truTV, TBS, and TNT. Having to scramble through what channel is on as Loyola Chicago has three seconds left to hit a buzzer-beater is nerve wracking. Yes, truTV actually has a purpose other than running Impractical Jokers.


I can promise you, no one cares about your brackets or pools.


This is arguably the most important tip I can give you. Find a good spot on the couch where you have a great view of all the games. You don't want to be the guy that's kicked off to the side sitting on an uncomfortable stool/foldable chair.

As I said, it's a long day and if you plan on watching most of the games, you need to be comfortable. Get to whatever watch party early and make sure you let everyone in that room know that's your spot. Do whatever it takes. Again, don't be that guy that sits in the corner with a stool and has chronic back pain for the next week. When you go to a watch party and the only seats are these, it's not going to be a good time.

These are a few tips to have a great viewing experience for the first round. 12 straight hours of basketball back-to-back days. Nothing better. Best of luck to everyone's brackets and picks.

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