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So... is USA soccer back?

After taking down Mexico in a thriller, people are asking whether or not American soccer is back.


While everyone was falling asleep watching Paul vs. Mayweather, there was an all-time rivalry taking the field. No, not Red Sox vs. Yankees. The classic rivalry of USA vs. Mexico. Two North American nations battling it out on the pitch. I'm no soccer fan, but I do know that American soccer has been in the dumps for years. Although they were playing for a championship no one cares about, it was nice to see people get excited about USA soccer. Out of any sport, there's nothing that brings Americans together than a mediocre soccer team trying to make some noise on the international stage.

The United States national team edged out Mexico 3-2 in a wild game for the CONCACAF Nations League title. Below are some highlights from the game:

My first takeaway from this game is Ethan Horvath might be our next Tim Howard??? I mean, all I needed to see was his save on this penalty kick.

There's nothing like a sick save on a PK. A PK save is one of the most electric plays in sports. Especially in that situation! Game on the line, and Horvath laid his nuts all over the Mexican national team. I don't care if he's the backup, as a dumb American soccer fan he needs to start every game until we win the World Cup.

Secondly, all I hear about is how Christian Pulisic is going to save US soccer. Last night he earned my respect to become our next Landon Donovan. Not only did he have a sweet corner kick that led to a goal, but he also didn't crumble under the pressure like the player from Mexico and buried his PK to take the lead.

The best part of the night though? The fights that broke out. There were two fights during this game. Both better than Paul vs. Mayweather.

Which led to Mexico fans throwing shit at their own players.

A wild night for USA soccer. After everything that happened last night... Is USA soccer back?