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Shams Reports NBA Christmas Week Tip-Off

Get ready folks. The NBA season is right around the corner.

Stephen A. Bayless

With the NBA Draft in less than two weeks and free agency starting right after, the NBA train is chugging along.

This is what everyone wanted. Although one thing I am worried about with the quick turn around is what Danny Green said a few months ago:

I agree with Green. I think a lot of veterans who played deep in the season will consider sitting out. The NBA season ended a little under a month ago, so a two-month offseason is pretty ridiculous. But hey, they all knew this was going to be a strange season coming up.

With no fans to start the season, it's the perfect time to sit out star players. Yes, it sucks we won't get to see them on TV. At least we won't have angry parents complaining about dropping money to watch LeBron sit the bench.

I love some of the storylines coming into next season. Will the Warriors reclaim their status as the villains of the NBA? Can Kyrie and KD work out in Brooklyn? What's going to happen to the Clippers? Is Giannis going to leave Milwaukee if they underperform?

I'm also glad they're not doing a bubble. Who knows if they'll bring it back for the playoffs, but the bubble didn't do it for me. It felt like we were watching one big AAU tournament. If the MLB and NFL can pull it off, so can the NBA. Yeah, there will probably be a few COVID cases here and there, but that's the world we live in now.

Excited to see how this all plays out. Just know we're a little over a month away.