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Road to $10k Ep. 2 - 'Tis but a Flesh Wound

Some men chase money, some chase glory, I chase both. While Episode 1 left us in a hole, I aim to get back on track and reclaim "Guru Status"


Long story short, I lost 55 cents, meaning my starting total for the week is $7.44. One bet hit, a parlay with 50 cents wagered to win $2.44. I was extremely confident in both the Titans and Packers, declaring them both “contenders” and including them in over half my bets. They both lost. I also placed my faith in both Stafford and Herbert. While both filled the stat sheet, they are both losers who cost me DOZENS of cents. In order to keep things interesting, I need to win big, or else this series will be the equivalent of watching a man bleed out over the course of 5 weeks. So this week I began diversifying my bets, betting on smaller parlays with different teams so one loss won’t crush me like it did last week.

To start it off I went with a 3 team parlay. The Jets are the Jets, the Chargers can't help but blow leads, and the Cowboys have become basement-dwellers without Prescott. This would be a nice one to hit and win all my money back instantly.

Another 3 team parlay, but this time I've learned not to throw all my eggs in one basket. The Broncos aren't the best team in the league, but their offense is finally looking healthy again. On top of that, the Falcons defense is abysmal so I think this one could be within a field goal. The Dolphins have been surprisingly good this year, and while the Cardinals have shown flashes of brilliance, I do think the 'phins have the players to keep this one close. The Titans offense has been sputtering as of late and their defense isn't great. While I do think they win, I think it will be a close game that comes down to the final possession.

This is the big moneyline parlay. If I hit this one I can afford McDonalds for two next weekend. I just went down the list and put my money on whoever I think will win. Only upset I bet on was the Dolphins, so we will see how this goes.

As I'm writing this I realized just how much I have invested in this god damn Dolphins team. Turns out I'm not a changed man because one team can still destroy my week. If Tua pulls this off I feel almost obligated to build a shrine in his honor. The Bill's offense was incredible the first four weeks, however it has slowed down a bit as of recent. I think with the way Russ has been playing the Seahawks should win by more than a field goal. Brady lost his first game as a Buccaneer to noodle arm Brees and the Kamara show, but I don't see that happening again. The man has proven he is Father Time's daddy and I see him trying to run up the score. If Cam Newton doesn't win this game he should retire before he humiliates himself any further. While I think Cam is washed and frankly a third stringer, the Jets are hot garbage. I'm betting on Belichick.

With the last 50 cents of the week I decided to bet on Indiana winning. Rutgers beat Michigan State, Michigan State beat Michigan, and Indiana stomped on Rutgers. By the transitive property this is gonna be a 50 point blowout as Indiana establishes themselves as a CFP contender. I also wanted to start dipping my toes into the college football side of things in hopes that I find more luck.

$2.44 wagered, $36.27 in potential earnings. This is a make or break week for me. If I lose, I'm down to my last $5. If I win big I could have over $40 in my account and start to take more risks and wager more cash. I'm hoping to at least make $5 this week and get to $10 in my account. Despite betting literal pennies of house money, the mood swings were violent last Sunday. I've already starting to research the best techniques to patch dry wall.