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Picks for the 2021 Masters

Our picks for the 2021 Masters tournament.


After coming off the high of March Madness, we quickly switch our gears to the Masters. Other than October when we have all four major sports going on at once, this is a strong second for "best time for sports" with the MLB coming back, March Madness, NBA and NHL playoff push, and the Masters.

I haven't watched a lot of golf lately because of the other sports going on, but I've been closely following. Love to see Spieth make a comeback. Whenever Spieth is in the mix, it's always fun. He's one of those players that makes it more entertaining when he's yelling at caddies and intensely chasing the leaderboard. Much better than him having the yips. Without further ado, let's get into the picks.


Speaking of Spieth, I'm riding the wave. I don't have the balls to say he's going to win it, but at +112, I like Speith finishing in the top 10. He's been playing really well lately, and hopefully he can carry the momentum of winning the Texas Open into Augusta. Getting his first win since 2017, his confidence must be at an all-time high. If he doesn't get into his head too much, he's as dangerous as anyone in the field. I hope he's just watching these highlights all week to pump himself up.

I really hope we get stone cold killer Spieth this weekend to make it fun and interesting.


I will not stop betting on JT to win.

This is what's great about golf bets. The odds are always incredible! You're telling me that putting some money down for Justin Thomas to win it all at +1100 is a bad bet? Get out of here. I also think JT has some little extra motivation with his good pal Tiger recovering from his car accident.

With an angel on his side (Tiger's not dead, but he's not at the Masters) I can see JT digging deep and winning the whole damn thing. I'm a big storyline guy, and there's a story brewing with how much JT has talked about how much Tiger means to him.

In all seriousness, JT has been playing well, and hopefully he can finally win that green jacket he's been hunting for.


Xander has won me some money over the past few years for consistently finishing in the top 10 at majors. Look at his career finishes at majors.


In major appearances, Xander has eight top-five finishes and 15 top 10 finishes. Xander winning it all wouldn't surprise me at all. The guy just knows how to perform when the stage is at its biggest.

I'm playing it safe here with him. As I said, he can easily win the whole thing. I think a top-five finish is close to a lock. I'm so confident that I'm starting to second guess myself, which is always a good thing 🙃.

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