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Oklahoma Football Player Gets His Ass Kicked by MMA Fighter

Oklahoma football player gets taken down by MMA fighter.


If you grew up with wrestler friends/siblings, you know how much they love to grapple. You can be casually watching TV and the next thing you know, they put you in some weird-ass rear-naked choke.

My rule of thumb is to make friends with the guy that has cauliflower ear. If I know anything about cauliflower guys, they are loyal and can beat the shit out of every average joe. It doesn't matter how big you are. The cauliflower guy has so many tricks up their sleeve, they can put you down in seconds.

The video below is a typical athlete who thinks he can beat the shit out of anyone because he's bigger.

Let's do some research. According to many on the internet, the guy getting his ass kicked is redshirt senior Spencer Jones.

According to his bio on Oklahoma's website, he's a 6-1 wide receiver who appeared in all 11 games as a holder. You think a guy that made the All-Big 12 Academic First Team would be a little smarter picking a fight with someone in the bathroom. Imagine getting your face dragged on a piss-filled floor? One of the most disrespectful ass-kickings I have ever seen. Maybe he's used to it because Oklahoma receives a beat down whenever they play a big game.

My favorite part about this fight is the guy that tries to break it up. You can see him lightly tugging on the MMA fighter's sweatshirt but quickly realized this is not his problem.

I'm curious to know who the other guys were. I'm assuming it was another MMA fighter beating up a football player. Whoever got their head slammed against the wall needs to be checked for a concussion. Getting CTE for starting a fight in a small bar bathroom, SMH. It's also a tough look to get your ass kicked while wearing a jean jacket.

This is a nice little lesson for all those big boys that think can take on anybody they see. Wrestlers/MMA guys, especially with cauliflower ears are not a group you want to fuck with. To be honest, just turn the other way if you see a 5'7" drunk guy with cauliflower ear.

P.S. Whoever was filming and commentating the fight, A+ job.

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