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OBJ Banned From LSU

LSU imposes penalties for violating NCAA regulations.

Stephen A. Bayless

In the least surprising news ever, LSU is self-imposing penalties for violating NCAA regulations.

Source- The school is docking itself eight football scholarships over a two-year period and reducing recruiting visits, evaluations and communication after a nearly two-year investigation uncovered booster payments to the father of a football player, sources tell Sports Illustrated. The school is banning from its facilities for two years ex-LSU receiver and current NFL star Odell Beckham Jr., who distributed $2,000 worth of $100 bills during a wild scene that unfolded on the field following LSU’s win over Clemson in the national championship game in the New Orleans Superdome.

Let's not go into booster payments considering every school in America does it. If your school doesn't have boosters paying off players, you're probably a bunch of losers.

This isn't going to diminish any accomplishments LSU had last year. When almost all your starters get drafted to the NFL, everyone's getting a chunk of change. I'm still waiting for Clemson to get caught because I refuse to give Dabo Swinney any credit.  

Anyways, let's go back to January of 2020 when COVID seemed like a mythical disease.

Pretty wild this all happened within a span of two hours. In one night, OBJ got kicked out of the LSU's band section, gave out 2,000 dollars to players, and slapped a police officer's ass. Seems like a pretty good night to me besides the sexual harassment.

I don't think he's all too upset about the penalty. I'm sure it's fun to go back to Baton Rouge every once in a while, but how often does Odell get the urge to go back to the bayou? With millions of dollars in the bank, I'm sure he's content with spending his offseason drinking merlot in Malibu.

Regardless, OBJ had enough LSU time with how he celebrated their National Championship. Maybe a two-year breakup is a good thing for the long run. He's like one of your friends you can only see every few months because he gets you blacked out every time you see him.

When OBJ saw the penalty, he probably laughed it off. A two-year ban is a slap on the wrist considering USC didn't allow Reggie Bush back until this year. Like I mentioned earlier, maybe it's good for both sides not to see each other for a while. A little less OBJ exposure never hurt anyone.