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Nick Castellanos' secret for becoming the hottest hitter in baseball? Ditch the smartphone

Nick Castellanos reveals his biggest secret that has helped him break out this year.


Nick Castellanos has been on absolute fire this season. Whether he's flexing on the Cardinals.

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Or if he's allowing fans to do his post game interview so he won't get fined for anything he says.

He's been absolutely electric. Doing all of that while hitting .361, 12 home runs, with an OPS of 1.060. What's his secret though? Castellanos went on the Chris Rose Rotation to discuss what his biggest change has been during his breakout season.

Simple! Just get rid of the biggest distraction every human deals with: a smartphone. Castellanos decided to dump his smartphone for a simple flip phone. He says he needed to get away from the distractions. Imagine how productive we would all be if we weren't buried in our phones? Our society would literally be this meme.

It must be such a refreshing feeling to get rid of your smartphone. Social media has become a disgusting landfill. I can't even imagine being a professional athlete going on Twitter after a bad game. A bunch of burner accounts named "LeBron James GOAT 23" saying how much you suck underneath every tweet.

This might be a valuable lesson for athletes. I understand growing your brand is now a huge part of every athlete's career. Do you know what's best to grow your brand though? Perform on the field.

I love the honesty Castellanos brings. He seems like a cool dude you'd want to grab a beer with. We need more guys like him in sports. He'll always have a special place in my heart because of this.

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