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Nets announce Kyrie Irving won't play until he's fully vaccinated

Kyrie Irving will be sidelined until he's fully vaccinated.

Stephen A. Bayless

It was reported that the Nets were going to make a decision on whether or not Kyrie Irving will be a part time player next season.

According to Woj, everyone from Owner Joseph Tsai, Steve Nash, Sean Marks, along with Kevin Durant and James Harden had to decide on whether or not Kyrie was going to play this season. In my opinion, the Nets made the right choice in keeping Irving away until he's fully vaccinated.

At the end of the day getting vaccinated is Kyrie's choice. Although many might not agree with him not getting vaccinated, we still need to respect his decision. I'm not going to get into vaccination debates, but the Nets made the right move. They're a championship-caliber team with or without Kyrie. They can't have him being a huge distraction throughout the season when he's popping in and out. You're either 100% in with the team or you're out.

As I said, the Nets are still one of the best teams in the league. Kyrie is more of a luxury than a necessity for them, after making the James Harden trade last year. To be honest, I think Kyrie's not going to cave and get the vaccine either. We have gotten to the point where I would be more surprised to see Kyrie retire than get the vaccine. He's like the last man standing on the anti-vax team after he saw his brother Andrew Wiggins go to the other side.

Sooooo... are we going to get that Ben Simmons for Kyrie deal like everyone was talking about a few weeks ago? I need the season to start so we can put all this behind us. The NBA offseason is exhausting.

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