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Nate Oats Telling LSU To 'Get the F Out' Is Why We Love March Madness

Nate Oats had some words for LSU after they beat them in the SEC Championship game.


Name a better combo than March and college basketball. I'll wait.

We saw some awesome conference championship games yesterday. Of course, we had the OT game where Illinois (who I think is the best team in the country) won the B1G Ten crown over Ohio State. I don't think there's a better duo than Ayo Dosunmu and Kofi Cockburn in college basketball right now.

Before that game, we had a thriller in the SEC championship game. LSU and Alabama took their rivalry off the football field and put on a show Sunday afternoon. They traded blows all game long. When one team appeared to have a little momentum, the other answered with a big shot. It all came down to the last possession of the game. LSU was down one with a chance to win but missed the final tip-in.

Before the game even started, the two teams got into a skirmish at mid court.

Which eventually led to this reaction by Alabama head coach, Nate Oats when Bama pulled out the W.

This is the type of emotion you want to see in March. Awesome to see a rivalry brewing between LSU and Alabama that's not on the football field. Nate Oats can say whatever he wants because the turnaround in Tuscaloosa has been impressive.

This is only the beginning as the real deal kicks off on Friday. Last year, this was all taken away from us. Enjoy it, soak it all in, and pray that a 13 seed doesn't bust your bracket or ruin your parlay. We're finally here. As the famous Jon Rothstein says, we sleep in May.

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