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Mnuchin and Trump Support Airline Aid to Avoid Layoffs

Could airlines be in line to see a boost in stock prices?

Lucifer Morningstar

Rise, airline calls, rise.

  • The airline sector has been taking a beating, but can be easily propped up with vaccine news, a stimulus, and of course another bailout.
  • Mnuchin said the Trump administration supports legislation introduced by Senator Roger Wicker, a Republican, that would provide $25.5 billion in airline payroll support to avoid layoffs for another six months.
  • United Airlines has just released news that they will be performing tests in their airlines to passengers, stating they will use a 15-minute test provided by health tech company Abbot.
Airport sector 11:47 am, September 24

The Fed said one of their main focuses on stimulus is travel, and so if money machine go brrr then stock prices may reflect that in the near future.

I like SouthWest Airlines ($LUV) because they have two years' worth of cash on hand, burning $20 million a day.  

$UAL CEO said they will accept U.S. treasury loans.

PrimeCap management also disclosed a 9.93% ownership in AAL. Follow the money.

**Not a financial advisor. Articles are opinions only.