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Max Scherzer and Joe Girardi get into it after umpires check Scherzer multiple times for foreign substances

After getting checked twice, Joe Girardi and Max Scherzer had a few words for each other.


One of the biggest debacles in sports right now is how the MLB is handling the foreign substance issue with pitchers. Instead of taking care of it a few years ago, they let it snowball in typical MLB fashion.

Last night during the Phillies vs. Nationals game, Max Scherzer was checked multiple times.

There were no issues the first time. Max clearly looks annoyed by getting checked, but nothing crazy happened. The second time was a different story. I wasn't watching the game so I don't know the complete details. Girardi apparently asked the umpires to check him again, and Scherzer was not happy about it.

Scherzer looked like a pissed off traveler going through TSA. I would be pissed too. All this is doing is slowing down the game. In a time where the league is trying to pick up the pace of play, this whole substance check only slows it down. If the MLB actually had a brain in their head, just check the spin rate! The evidence is right there for who's using substances and who's not.

After all that happened, Scherzer got into it with Girardi.

Mad Max is probably the last player on the Nationals I would pick a fight with. Knowing that Scherzer has two different color eyes is a big sign to stay away from him in a fight.

When was the last time we saw a manager vs. player fight? The only one I can remember is when Pedro threw Dom Zimmer down like a rag doll.

This whole foreign substance thing has broken the brains of everyone in baseball. No one knows what to do and how to enforce these rules. Girardi having Scherzer checked multiple times is crazy. I feel like after getting checked once, he should be good for the rest of the game. The whole baseball world is running around like headless chickens because Rob Manfred let this whole thing balloon to an issue that could've easily been avoided.

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