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March Madness is BACK

NCAA announces they plan to have March Madness this season.


One of the biggest travesties from 2020 was losing March Madness.

I'll never forget the day it was canceled. We were coming off the cancellation of the NBA and NHL seasons. A few days later, we got the dagger that the tournament was done.

With the whole tournament taking place in one location, are there going to be any major changes?

As of now, it seems like Indianapolis is the frontrunner. Makes sense considering the NCCA HQ is located there. I'm sure other cities are going to throw their hat in the ring.

I usually like having the first round played a few days after Selection Sunday. It gets the juices flowing. But hey, beggars can't be choosers.

This was my biggest concern. I was curious how many teams the NCAA were going to put in. It's going to be hard putting 68 teams in a bubble, but that's not our problem.

Overall it seems like the NCAA is 100% determined to have March Madness. I'm excited to sit down and watch Stephen A. Austin beat North Carolina in the first round.

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