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'Last Chance U: Basketball' Premieres Today on Netflix and It Looks Awesome

'Last Chance U: Basketball' premieres today on Netflix.


I need to catch up on my Netflix docs. Between this and the new Biggie documentary, I have a lot of content to consume this weekend.

If you're unfamiliar with Last Chance U, they usually follow junior college football programs for a season. The players are usually D1 recruits who either messed up or couldn't get to the D1 level based on their circumstances. Hence the name "Last Chance U" From the coaches to the players, there are so many characters on the team that make it must-watch television for me. It's great to hear the stories of how the players and coaches ended up at a JUCO college in the middle of Mississippi.

This year, Netflix picked a JUCO basketball team in Los Angeles to follow along for the ride. Watching the trailer, it looks awesome. It's going to show the other side of LA that a lot of people don't know about. When we think of Los Angeles, we automatically think it's rainbows and sunshine. In reality, there's a whole side of it that we don't see much of.

It will be interesting to watch how JUCO basketball works. Last Chance U put JUCO football on the map so hopefully it does the same for basketball.

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