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Kyle Schwarber and Shohei Ohtani can't stop hitting home runs and it's awesome

Kyle Schwarber and Shohei Ohtani are mashing baseballs into the seats and it's a blast to watch.


What Kyle Schwarber and Shohei Ohtani are doing at the plate right now is absolutely disgusting. Every time these two step up to the plate, it seems like they're launching baseballs into the seats.

We'll start with Schwarber. He had a rough year with the Cubs last season. The once fan favorite ended up walking because the Cubs didn't want to resign him. It seemed like a lot of big-league clubs didn't believe in Schwarber. He signed a one-year, $10 million deal, and it's looking like an absolute steal for the Nationals. Here's what Schwarber has done the last three weeks.

He's on an all-time fuck you tour right now. Giving the Cubs a big FU for choosing Joc Pederson over him. He now has 25 home runs on the season. This is also another absurd stat.

It will be fun to watch Schwarber and Ohtani hit moonshots all over Coors Field in a few weeks...

Speaking of Ohtani. He's the best story in baseball right now, and nothing really comes close. I feel like every time he steps to the plate or takes the mound, he's making history. He's most certainly the most talented player in the league because no one else can do what he does on a daily basis. In the month of June, Ohtani has hit 13 home runs.

Ohtani has made himself feel at home at Yankee Stadium hitting three home runs in two games. He takes the mound tonight as the MLB leader in home runs with 28. Is it crazy to say that Ohtani could finish with 45+ home runs, 10+ wins, and over 150 strikeouts this season? He's currently my MVP in the American League, and I'm excited to see him take the mound tonight at Yankee Stadium.

Let's just hope the heat doesn't get to him...

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