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Kanye West is starting his new school Donda Academy

Kanye West is onto his new venture. He's starting Donda Academy and trying to build a basketball powerhouse.


Starting a school has been a new way for celebrities to flex on people. It's their way to show the common person how much money they have, along with how philanthropic they are.

Add Kanye to the list of celebrities starting a new school. Celebrities usually start these schools to give kids that are not privileged an opportunity to get a good education. Kanye is going straight for fame, trying to build a basketball powerhouse. It makes sense that he has Adidas on board with their Yeezy partnership.

Imagine being a 15-year-old kid and seeing Kanye slide into your DMs about joining his team? That's an unfair advantage Donda Academy has over the other high schools. They also already have a game lined up against Sierra Canyon at the Staples Center. How many high schools can offer student-athletes the opportunity to play at NBA arenas?

It's a little weird seeing grown men being so actively involved in Los Angeles high school basketball. We see Drake going crazy at Sierra Canyon games. Are these high school kids about to get in the middle of the Drake and Kanye beef? Did Kanye make this school with the sole purpose of destroying Drake's favorite high school team?

Donda Academy is either going to be the next IMG Academy or a feature on 60 Minutes where everything went wrong... like Trump University.

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