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Jokic and Murray Sends Kawhi and Playoff P Packing

The Nuggets embarrass Kawhi Leonard and Paul George out of Orlando.

Stephen A. Bayless

Last night we got one of the most pathetic Game 7 performances I have ever seen.

The effort the Los Angeles Clippers put up against the Denver Nuggets was embarrassing. The last time I saw a team get embarrassed like that in a Game 7 was when the Red Sox put the Yankees to bed in the 2004 ALCS. I'm sure there are other Game 7 performances I'm forgetting about but that was the first comparison I thought of.

Let's start with Jokic and Murray. Everyone is going to be clowning the Clippers (rightfully so) but the performance Jokic and Murray put on was special. Murray is proving that he's an elite scorer that can get a bucket in any situation. I also believe Jokic is the best passer in the NBA right now. His touch and ability to set up his teammates as a center is crazy. We all knew his passing was spectacular, but last night I was in awe with all the dimes he was dropping.

Ok, enough with Murray and Jokic and let's discuss why we're all here. The Clippers. The whole season all we heard was it was going to be the Battle of LA in the WCF. Kawhi vs. Lebron was supposed to be the greatest series of all time. Instead, they collapse again and Steve Ballmer and the Clippers front office needs to take a long look at themselves. I understand it's only "Year 1" but we all know it was a do or die season for them.

If I were a Clippers fan, I would want Paul George traded immediately. He didn't bring anything to the table in the playoffs and he has the balls to say this after the game?

Are you kidding me? The fact he said it wasn't "championship or bust" is such a lie. Did he see the haul the Clippers gave up to get him?  

I'm no coach or GM but when you give up 5 first-round picks along with pick swaps and good players like SGA and Gallinari, it seems like the team is championship or bust. Let's not forget the Clippers also gave up another 1st to the Knicks to get Marcus Morris.

Doc Rivers may be the most overrated coach in the NBA. Other than the championship in Boston, what has he really done? When I saw the graphic below, I didn't know it was even possible to blow a 3-1 lead 3 times!!!

Regardless, the Clippers need to figure this out fast. With Kawhi becoming a free agent next year, the Clippers NEED to win a championship or else that trade probably becomes the worst trade in sports history. It probably makes Doc Rivers sick considering he had to swallow his pride from Paul George cheating on his daughter to give up the entire Clippers future for like 2 good playoff games? If that.

Nuggets vs. Lakers should be fun, but I know all NBA fans are upset deep down. We didn't get to see the hype WCF we were all hoping for.