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Is Tony La Russa losing the White Sox locker room after his comments about Yermin Mercedes?

Tony La Russa had some interesting comments regarding Yermin Mercedes hitting a home run in a blowout game.


The other night, Yermin Mercedes hit a home run in a blowout win over the Twins. The White Sox were up 15-4 and the Twins put in a position player to pitch.

Mercedes took a 3-0, 49 mph pitch dead center. It was pretty much a free home run in a game that was over. Harmless, right? Not according to White Sox manager, Tony La Russa.

Are you kidding me? La Russa apologized to the Twins? How do you not have your player's back?

Unwritten rules have been a hot-button issue in baseball the past few years. There's a new generation that wants to get rid of them. When the White Sox hired La Russa, it was a head-scratching move. It seemed like it wasn't the best idea to put an older manager with old school principles with a young team like the White Sox.

When Mercedes stepped into the box in the 7th inning last night, this is what happened.

So stupid. Throwing at people because they hit a home run in a blow-out game? The worst part about all of this is La Russa's comments after the game.

Again, how do you not defend your player in that situation? La Russa is clearly out of touch. He still thinks if you bat flip after hitting a bomb, you deserve a fastball to the dome.

White Sox players have had Mercedes' back. Is Tony La Russa already losing the White Sox locker room?

Most of the baseball community seems to be on Mercedes' side. Play the game until it's over. Players have bonuses in their contract they want to hit. Maybe that home run gives him some extra cash at the end of the year.

I don't think La Russa is going to get fired anytime soon due to the White Sox being in first place and Jerry Reinsdorf's love for him. It just crazy how out of touch La Russa is. The game has changed since he last managed. It's time for him to adapt.

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