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Is the Shohei Ohtani vs. Vlad Guerrero Jr. home run race the best thing to happen for the MLB this year?

In a season full of distractions, the Shohei Ohtani vs. Vlad Guerrero Jr. home run race is the best thing to happen in baseball.


The MLB has definitely had its "black eye" moments the past two seasons. Last year, it was trying to negotiate a season with its players. This season, the foreign substance stuff with pitchers has dominated headlines.

Baseball has done everything possible to tank the game. Whether it's changing baseballs, not punishing cheaters, or completely refusing to market the big stars. Rob Manfred is truly the worst commissioner in all of sports. He's just a guy that will bend over for the owners. Whatever they want, they get.

Even with all these things that have happened, the best thing to happen to the MLB is the young crop of players coming up. Specifically, Shohei Ohtani and Vlad Guerrero Jr. Both lead the MLB in home runs with 23, along with other young stars like Fernando Tatis Jr. and Ronald Acuna Jr. right behind them. I mean, just look at these bombs.

I'm hoping these two can have a home run race down the stretch like what McGwire and Sosa had in 1998. The MLB was at a weird time then coming off the player's strike. Many say that Sosa and McGwire saved baseball. That's the type of impact I think Ohtani and Vlad Jr. can have.

Ohtani announced he would be participating in the home run derby. Hopefully, other stars follow him and join as well. I don't want to hear anything about fatigue. I want the biggest stars in the game mashing bombs at Coors Field. That's why the dunk contest sucks. I don't want to see some scrub bench players put together a few dunks we have already seen. Give me the stars.

If guys like Ohtani and Vlad Jr. keep mashing baseballs like they are, we're in for a real good treat.

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