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I Watched Some Women's College Basketball Last Night and It Was the Best Game on TV

UConn and Baylor put on a show last night in their Elite Eight battle.


Last night I was going back and forth between the NBA and the Elite Eight games. The Houston vs. Oregon State game had a slow start, but it picked up at the end. I watched a defensive bloodbath between the Heat and Knicks. There was one game that was better than both. It was UConn vs. Baylor. No, not the men's teams. I'm talking about women's basketball.

I've tried to watch women's basketball in the past but never got into it. The game last night though? Electric. To start, the play-by-play guy Ryan Ruocco is a future star. As a Yankees fan, I'm familiar with his work as he's the backup play-by-play guy behind Michael Kay at YES. He has that big game voice and called a flawless game.

UConn freshman Paige Bueckers has been plastered all over social media and TV. It seems like everyone is in love with her. They should because she's an absolute baller. She lived up to the hype. She dropped 28 points with some huge baskets towards the end. It's funny because she's so small on the court compared to everyone else. It looked like a 5th grader playing with the varsity team.

Of course the game had a controversial ending.

A tough break for Baylor. Should have gotten two free throws to take the lead. A tough way to end a great game.

It's cool to see women's basketball get the attention it's getting. I feel like everyone was talking about this game last night.

It was also refreshing to see a basketball game where people weren't immediately pulling up for a three, two seconds into the shot clock. Seeing ball movement and team basketball isn't something we see that often in the men's game anymore. Everyone in the NBA is so skilled now. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing Dame and Steph pull up from the logo. I love seeing Giannis and LeBron throw down crazy dunks. It was just nice to see some team basketball.

Although people will still shit on women's basketball, that game last night was one of the best games I've seen all year from any league. Also, fucking nuts Geno Auriemma is going to his THIRTEENTH straight Final Four. A living legend.

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