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Highlights From the NBA All-Star Game

Some takeaways from the NBA All-Star Game.

Stephen A. Bayless

All-Star games are usually brutal to watch. Besides baseball, it's hard to tell professional athletes to go all out for a meaningless game. Overall, it was an underwhelming night. It was also hard to keep America's attention as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exposed the Royal Family on CBS. Regardless, there were still fun highlights. Oh, and Blake Griffin signed with the Nets.


It's that time of year when veteran players have ridiculous contracts making them impossible to trade for any value. It's been rumored for months that Blake Griffin was going to get bought out if the Pistons couldn't trade him.

Of course, Blake chose to play for a contender leading him to sign with the Nets. I'm not expecting Blake to be jumping over Kias, but he'll probably be a solid player off the bench. He never looked the same ever since he injured his knees in the playoffs two years ago. Despite him shooting under 37% from the field his last two seasons, I think he can still give quality offensive minutes. Defense on the other hand...


Watching Steph Curry in the three-point contest was the best part of the night. There's truly nothing better in sports than watching Steph get hot from three.

I could watch him shoot all day.

No offense to the rest of the field, but did anyone think they had a chance against the greatest three-point shooter of all time? Credit to Mike Conley for giving Steph a run for his money, but I think everyone in the contest knew it was over once Steph started shooting.

So effortless. I wish I could be as good at something like Steph is at shooting threes.


What a terrible dunk contest.

To be fair to the contestants, it's hard to come up with new dunks because every dunk imaginable has already been done. There's not a "wow" factor anymore when it comes to the dunk contest.

Anfree Simons won the dunk contest because... he can jump really high.

Really? This dunk won the dunk contest? He didn't even come close to kissing the rim! It's stupid to complain about the dunk contest because it hasn't been great since Nate the Great was dunking on everyone. Other than the great Lavine vs. Gordon dunk contest of course.


Steph and Dame pulling up from half court was so awesome.

Again, it looks so effortless. The fact that they can pull up from half court with a flick of a wrist when I need to put my whole body and then some.

Dame ended the game the way Dame ends games. A crazy deep three-point shot.

Even Paul George had to take his comments back from a few years ago...

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