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Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Preview

Breaking down the official rules for Mayweather vs Paul.

Shawn Craymen

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul are finally going at it. Since being announced in December, there have been many question marks about the event and what exactly is going on. The official rules have been released and here they are.

  • No announced winner and no judges
  • Knockouts allowed
  • Eight, Three Minute Rounds
  • 12 ounce gloves and no headgear

What does this all mean? Let’s break it down.

12-ounce gloves are bigger than the normal 10-ounce gloves a professional boxer uses in a fight. Punches are going to be less damaging and there’s a lower chance for someone to get knocked out. 8 rounds mean Floyd is making more money per minute than usual. No winner and no judges mean that this match is essentially pointless. There’s no intrigue on who’s gonna win because nobody will. Sure Logan Paul has a “puncher’s chance” but Floyd’s only ever been knocked down by himself so I find it highly unlikely.

Is the fight even worth watching? Sure. Former light heavyweight champion Badou Jack is fighting the undefeated and unheralded Dervin Colina and Chad Johnson is fighting the tough as nails bare-knuckle boxer, Brian Maxwell. Will I be tuning in? Yes. Will I enjoy it? Yes, reluctantly.